With technology evolving at a breakneck speed, more and more organizations are looking to managed service providers (MSPs) for services beyond cost-effective IT solutions.  In fact, the demand for MSPs has risen by 9% in the last two years.  

To help businesses stay ahead of the curve, Jess Warrington, General Manager of North America at CloudBlue, explores top MSP trends to watch. These trends include MSPs offering specialized industry solutions, leveraging emerging technologies like AI and IoT, and focusing on business efficiency rather than just cost savings.

Jess emphasized the importance of MSPs understanding their market and focusing on specific tool sets to deliver value to customers.He also explored the complexities of vendor integration into marketplaces and the pivotal role of CloudBlue in streamlining this process.

Past interview with CloudBlue: https://www.e-channelnews.com/cloudblue-helps-msps-match-smb-needs/