Luxer One is a technology company specializing in contactless pick-up and drop-off for packages and goods. The company’s smart package lockers are used in multifamily residential, retail, commercial, and higher education. Luxer One has performed more locker deliveries through its advanced technology platform than any other smart locker company.

Luxer One has been collaborating with the channel for years forming enduring partnerships that have propelled its growth in the multifamily, office, and commercial sectors, and is always continuously seeking new VARs, particularly in larger markets, to expand Luxer One’s local presence and cater to the diverse needs of different regions.

Luxer One differentiates itself from other locker companies by positioning itself as a technology company. Its solutions go beyond physical smart lockers; they encompass proprietary software, continuous updates, and a commitment to solving package management challenges for clients. This innovative approach, combined with our VAR network’s on-ground presence, allows them to stay ahead of the market, offering cutting-edge solutions to clients and driving the necessity for package management industry.

The sales landscape for Luxer One also has evolved over time. Initially viewed as a “cool” amenity, package management has transitioned into a necessity for properties and residents. Its VARs are at the forefront of this shift, offering solutions that address the changing needs of clients. They have successfully navigated this sales transformation, adapting their messaging to emphasize the value and necessity of smart locker solutions in today’s evolving market.

Interesting stats:

  • 275M total deliveries
  • 7M deliveries per month
  • 9,500 locations
  • 75 NPS from users
  • 4M users
  • 125 installations per month

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