Grasshopper Solar, Canada’s largest solar company, is pleased to announce its partnership with LG Electronics. All of Grasshopper’s Guaranteed Funding solar system installations in Ontario will feature LG solar panels. The partnership brings together 10 years of solar experience backed by more than 50 years of technology excellence.

“We know that 87% of Canadians support renewable energy adoption, and we’re thrilled to partner to provide Ontarians with innovative, high quality solar panels and a 25-year performance guarantee,” explains Jason Hibbard, VP Residential Operations, Grasshopper Solar. “Today our partnership is Ontario-focused as the province’s microFIT program comes to an end at the end of 2017, but our vision is to expand further into Canada and across the border in the future.”

Ontario’s microFIT Program launched in October 2009 in an effort to increase the amount of renewable energy produced in the province and is part of the largest clean energy programs in North America. Under microFIT, homeowners who go solar are currently guaranteed a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kWh for 20 years from the province, earning them up to $3600 per year. Under its Guaranteed Funding Program, Grasshopper Solar leverages the microFIT program to finance your system from design to connection and finally to ownership by the end of your lease, including insurance and maintenance of the LG panels. Both programs are coming to an end in December 2017 (as such, homeowners are encouraged to apply before mid-November in order to qualify for both programs).

“Homeowners who are considering solar installs need to know that their system will be supported and maintained into the future, which means they need a trusted brand – through this partnership they get two,” says Shaun Lew, Solar Business Account Manager, LG Electronics. “As a proud clean energy supporter, we hope Ontarians are inspired to join us in the Guaranteed Funding Program and help Canada to fight climate change, reduce greenhouse gas pollution and transition to a low-carbon economy.”