AaDya Security, a software company dedicated to making cybersecurity accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), recently announced its transition to Judy Security, aptly named after “Judy,” the company’s all-in-one cybersecurity software solution. Judy addresses the specific needs of SMBs, providing comprehensive protection against everyday cyber threats without the complexity or requirement for multiple products or extensive security teams.

With 33.2 million small businesses comprising 99.9% of all U.S. firms (SBA, 2022), many face challenges including lack of time, budget and the human resources to implement, manage and afford the range of security point products necessary for 24/7 digital asset protection. Furthermore, as enterprises impose stringent standards on their suppliers and vendors, and the federal government intensifies efforts to secure the supply chain, SMBs must also be prepared to demonstrate a strong security posture. However, these businesses have often been overlooked in favor of larger enterprises, leaving them grappling with costly and complex point products that their smaller teams can’t effectively manage.

Judy stands out from existing products on the market by offering a comprehensive suite of security features at an affordable price per month. Judy’s enterprise-grade protection includes security features like Endpoint Detection and Response, DNS Filtering, Password Manager, Cloud SIEM + XDR, Automated Compliance Management and Reporting, Secure Authentication and Security Awareness Training.

Furthermore, Judy not only benefits SMBs but also MSPs, MSSPs, value added resellers, service providers, IT consultants, and other channel partners. These stakeholders can easily deploy and manage Judy’s solution, creating a new revenue stream while relieving the burden on their teams and ensuring customer satisfaction.

For more info, please visit www.judysecurity.ai