Continuum, announced the launch of Empower for MSPs to succeed in building a cybersecurity practice and protect their end-clients against cybersecurity threats. Empower is the channel’s first subscription-based service model that gives MSPs the expertise, support and solutions they need to understand their clients’ security gaps and deliver the service they need.

To succeed in delivering cybersecurity solutions, today’s MSP needs to be able to identify their end-clients’ security challenges, define the best strategies to overcome them, and respond to threats. Empower enables MSPs to change their approach to selling security solutions by generating client-facing assessment reports that combine dark web scanning, endpoint and user data, allowing MSPs to provide clients a clear and comprehensible view on their current risks.

Empower has been designed to give MSPs the insight and knowledge they need to highlight risks, and easily demonstrate how they can be reduced, in conversations with clients. To support those conversations, the new offering provides MSPs with marketing materials and licenses to advanced security tools from the Continuum Security product suite for demos and proof of concepts.

MSPs that need to demonstrate the ongoing risks their clients face can rely on Empower’s advanced endpoint detection and network monitoring, which alert MSPs of any threats that have bypassed their current security infrastructure. And, in the event that a cyberattack does strike, the Empower suite provides MSPs with up to two incident responses annually from Continuum’s Security Operations Center (SOC), giving them the support to remediate active threats.

Brian Downey Senior Director of Security said that Empower was created to break through that barrier. We’ve seen first-hand what MSPs need to begin building their own cybersecurity practices and have developed a suite of tools and supporting collateral to put them on the right footing to do so. Empower gives MSPs the ability to create an urgency to act for their clients, and to execute on that urgency once it’s created.

“The most effective way to prove the need for cybersecurity to a business is to show them comprehensive evidence of the specific threats they face and the protections they need,” said Jesse Armstrong, President, Greystone Technology. “Continuum’s Empower offering does exactly that, by giving us the combined ability to show a client’s specific risk factors, have informed conversations about how we can reduce those risks, and demonstrate exactly how our cybersecurity offerings would protect their businesses. We’re confident that this offering gives us the footing we need to drive our cybersecurity practice to new heights.”