Did you know that a minimum of 20 per cent of an individual’s time at work is spent looking for information? Imagine how much more efficient this worker could be if he or she did not have to constantly look for information to complete their jobs?

Conversely, how much more profitable could that worker’s employer be if its staff reduced wasting time looking for information.

This is where Vancouver-based IT Glue comes into the picture. IT Glue is a documentation management platform vendor that started off as a managed services provider (MSP). IT Glue’s documentation platform enables storage and retrieval services for users of all company data. The system also integrates in both a Professional Services Automation (PSA) and a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools. IT Glue also has a new password vault tool that reduces the amount of time and tickets for password resets.

Dave Goldie, IT Glue’s vice president of channels, told EChannelNews during a podcast that the problem his company tries to solve is to cut down the time spent by workers in finding information – sometimes the right information – to complete their duties.

“This is not just a problem for the tech space. Everyone is spending too much time looking for information to be successful at their jobs,” he said.

The IT Glue concept is to free the minds of MSPs. Goldie said that too much information is trapped in the heads of MSP workers. And, from a business owner’s perspective this is a significant risk. If a valued employee leaves the company all of his or her information goes with them. “We believe that the info locked inside people’s heads is the intellectual property of the organization and the more you document it the better you increase the valuation of the business,” he added.

IT Glue is focused its channel strategy exclusively on MSPs. “We want all employees in MSPs to enjoy their work, while helping these businesses grow and be more profitable by offering information at their finger-tips; and getting the information out of their heads.”

Also in the podcast Goldie talks about IT Glue’s partnerships with Datto, Autotask and ConnectWise, the company’s relationship mapping technology and its runbooks program.