Illumio Inc., the pioneer and leader of Zero Trust segmentation, announced Illumio CloudSecure, a new solution that gives organizations agentless visibility and enables teams to build and orchestrate dynamic cloud workload policies at scale using native controls in their public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Now, with Illumio’s market-leading Zero Trust segmentation solutions, security teams can prevent the devastating impact of cyberattacks and ransomware by securing their entire environment, including cloud-native applications such as platform as a service (PaaS), serverless, cloud managed containers, and managed database services, in addition to workloads running in public and hybrid clouds, data centers and endpoints.

“The growing complexity of inter-cloud and data center communications makes it particularly challenging for organizations to understand and properly protect their environments, which often leaves the door wide open for attackers. Illumio CloudSecure builds resiliency into organizations’ multi-cloud environments to dramatically reduce the fallout of attacks,” said PJ Kirner, CTO and co-founder at Illumio. “Illumio CloudSecure is the only cloud-native, agentless application visibility and control solution that can be quickly deployed to provide a single interface to understand and mitigate risk across multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises data center environments. This means users can see all communications between workloads and applications across their distributed business estate, understand and respond to threats, and ultimately better protect their organizations.”

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