Pax8 announced a new partnership with TitanHQ, Pax8 partners now have access to SpamTitan Cloud, and WebTitan Cloud, for DNS filtering and protection.

Ryan Walsh from Pax8 said that TitanHQ’s said that their partners are excited about the addition of TitanHQ and the ability to protect their clients’ businesses by blocking malware, phishing, ransomware, and links to malicious websites from emails.

Pax8 carefully vets each new vendor it brings onto the line card, including channel-friendly, market-leading solutions.

With cybersecurity attacks on the rise, malware downloads, in particular, can be devastating for an organization because once an infection spreads through the network, data can be stolen, corrupted, or encrypted. WebTitan Cloud for DNS filtering mitigates the risk of downloading a web-borne threat by blocking access to websites known to harbor malware and preventing the download of files types most commonly associated with web-borne threats. Pax8 partners will continue to enjoy fully transparent centralized billing and top-class technical support for both SpamTitan and WebTitan.