Whether you are rich or poor, the one thing everyone has in equal amounts is: TIME

If you want to get from Toronto to Vancouver, you have a few choices. The cheapest method is to walk which will take you 808 hours. You can drive the 4,400 KM which will be 41 hours non-stop. Most would opt to fly the 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Why do most of us choose to fly, which is the most expensive? TIME.

The other equation we all know is: Time = Money

We choose to fly when we don’t mind spending some money to save time.

We also know that although driving may appear to be cheaper, we have to account for more than just the expense of gas. We will need to eat meals along the way and stay at a hotel to rest up. What if we get a speeding ticket? Well that will cost you. What if your car breaks down? These hidden costs can add up!

When you have a business, you also have destinations to reach. Many business owners walk, they continue on their own path, not taking any time to seek help. Some drive, in the sense that they may read business books, listen to podcasts, participate in webinars, etc. This allows them to reach their destination faster, but it is time consuming and there is a firehose of information coming at you.

Others will work with a business coach, which costs money up front, but allows you to reach your destination faster. These ones have a sense of urgency, value their time and see this expense as the best investment they can make.

There is another method that is less well known, that eclipses all these other methods. Follow me to the Teleporter from Star Trek fame. You stand with your mates under the beam and wait for the operator to punch in your coordinates…and voila…you instantly arrive at your destination. We just hope you are not wearing a red shirt!

Of course, in real life, teleportation does not exist, but not so in business. There is a way that surpasses all others to reach your destination in an instant.

From the earliest times, the most successful would gather and share their knowledge with peers. One example is The Inklings in Oxford England. Do you know of The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings? Imagine being a writer and meeting on Friday nights in the College room of CS Lewis and at the Eagle and Child Pub on Tuesday mornings. Getting instant criticism on your writing by esteemed peers would drastically improve your writing. Through the mist of the pipe smoke and hot tea, drinking beers with Tolkien and the others, you would only bring your best writing to that table.

This peer group is called a MasterMind Group. It’s hard to fully grasp the significance and power of such a group if you have never experienced one.

For those in the tech industry, things are moving at an incredible fast pace. If you choose to walk in your business, the cars will fly by you, leaving you behind. Driving can lead to hidden costs, trial and error and you are the same road as all your competitors. For those that invest in themselves and their company, coaching is a great way to bypass much of those issues, gaining valuable time and skills.

We are looking for those that want to dominate the industry and gain success. We are looking for those that want to be at the top of their game. For this reason, in 2017, ChannelNext has been incorporating a MasterMind Sampler group in Esterel (Quebec) and Collingwood (Ontario).

“The MasterMind was the highlight of the event. I can’t believe how much I got out of it!” – JPB (attendee)

ChannelNext Kananaskis on October 16-17, 2017 will also feature a MasterMind Sampler as well as a much richer business development path. The best IT conference in the industry just got better!

We invite you to spend two days with us on personal and business development. The experience will unlock the power of what a MasterMind group can do for you and your company. Along with your peers, you will work ON your business and have a great time with all the activities planned.

Take it from those who attended the last two events: This is the “NOT TO BE MISSED event of the year!”

“This is the third and final phase of the transition of our 15-year old ChannelNEXT conferences into more of a Mastermind-type business educational format. It is all about helping instead of selling. In 2018, the transformation will be complete and we will be building the Country’s next top 300 Channel partners. It’s exciting and so far we are getting two thumbs up from everyone” Commented Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet.

If you are ready, just say: Beam me up, ChannelNEXT!

Register here: http://channelnext.ca/event_overview.php?ref=1162

You will also Meet Randal Wark, co-founder of VARMasterMind and an amazing team of Coaches to help you though the process. Randal’s 20 years in the trenches of the IT Industry has made him a Business Coach that knows the challenges you face. All business caches are selected based on their extensive knowledge of the IT Industry. See www.varmastermind.com to book your spot for 2018!