Set triggers based on partner actions and behavior.

Allbound is bringing automation and recommended actions based on partner behavior in the portal with Partner Journey Automation. Allbound is proud to have some of the most active and engaged partner programs in the world. Listening to our customers, they have asked us to create new ways to deepen the engagement with their partners at the right time with the right message.

Trigger-based messages, sophisticated and simple to define customer given rules to create amazing partner workflows, creates new levels of automation and interaction within the partner lifecycle. Partner Journey Automation makes it easier than ever to encourage partners to complete the desired actions at the right time for increased channel success.

Automate Partner Engagement: The New Standard for PRM Software

Over several years of researching indirect sales behavior, our data shows a direct correlation between partner engagement and overall channel success. However, keeping partners engaged has challenges with scale, timezone and success measurements.

With Partner Journey Automation, channel managers have a new tool to meaningfully engage their partners. By creating trigger-based notifications for actions within the platform, you can help deliver the right message at the right time, to encourage partners to complete the desired actions for increased channel success. That means more revenue for your partners, and more importantly, more revenue for you.

Set up notifications that matter most to you. Receive alerts when partners take a specific action in the portal like update a deal, complete a learning track, haven’t logged in within a timeframe, and more.

“Hours of customer meetings, user testing, and an amazing amount of design, development and testing has culminated in Partner Journey Automation. We are truly confident this will take Allbound’s platform to the next level of partner engagement for our customers,” says Ryan Sherman, Vice President of Product Management. “This release is only the beginning for workflows, messaging, systems we can integrate. Partner Journey Automation has an amazing future for us to build off of based on our customer feedback.”

Empower Partners with the Right Actions to Take So Everyone Wins
Partner Journey Automation prioritizes scalability and ease-of-use, removing the guesswork out of the channel manager’s day. On average, the most successful channel programs witness partners take 1,000 actions per month in a given partner portal. But this is hard to manage and keep track of when you are recruiting, training, and managing several partners at one time. With automated notifications and recommended steps to take in the portal, Partner Journey Automation enables channel managers to customize every experience for partners and continually progress through the lifecycle.

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