Venture-backed startup Formulus Black addresses major issues with computing with the debut of ForsaOS, a complete Linux-based software stack built specifically to run all applications in memory, providing huge gains in compute efficiency.

Formulus Black’s ForsaOS exponentially increases cost effectiveness, data security, processing speed and memory capacity without application changes, compression, encryption or added peripherals.  The software stack is the first in the world to keep data in persistent memory and is completely safe against power loss. By identifying and encoding data patterns using algorithms, the software enables more data to be securely persisted in memory while also providing complete in-memory data backup and restore in minutes instead of hours or days.

Patented algorithms transform native data into the company’s own language – Formulus Bit Markers (FbMs) – which is a non-encryption form of data encoding that eliminates redundant data in memory.  This results in persistent data that is more compact, easier for the CPU to handle and inherently more secure than other approaches to securing data at rest.  Furthermore, patterns present within the data are continually learned, thereby accelerating data reduction and amplification of memory space for additional data.  Through its patented technology, Formulus Black enables larger database and analytics workloads to persist and run in memory on commodity hardware without any application modifications.

ForsaOS organizes data for use with any application and OS for a truly platform-agnostic approach.  A built-in hypervisor leverages the underlying FbMs technology to allow many more virtual server instances on standard hardware than conventional hypervisors.

“The challenge within the computing industry continues to be how to achieve the fastest speeds with the lowest latencies needed to satisfy increasing demands of the compute side of the equation while overcoming the expense and limited capacity issues from the memory side required to achieve it,” said Wayne Rickard, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer.  “We have designed ForsaOS to address these issues by amplifying the memory.  Because CPU to memory is extremely fast while I/O to external storage peripherals is slow, we have developed a software solution that utilizes fast DRAM memory as storage while providing all the necessary management tools and features needed to increase effective memory capacity by up to 24x while improving processing speed as much as 450x.”

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