Exploragen has launched as a DNA lifestyle company to deliver useful DNA-based apps directly to consumers. (PRNewsfoto/Exploragen)

Exploragen has launched as a DNA lifestyle company to deliver useful DNA-based apps directly to consumers. The new California startup, led by a team of veterans from the medical genetics industry, creates engaging apps that translate DNA information into personalized insights consumers can use to improve their everyday lives.

In a direct-to-consumer genomics market that could be worth from $2 billion to $7 billion in the coming years1, Exploragen is at the forefront of discovering new and inventive ways for consumers to build pathways toward more experiential lives. Each app translates findings from published peer-reviewed scientific studies into proprietary algorithms that use DNA to inform individuals about their lifestyle traits, such as biological sleep traits.

“We’ve become a quantified-self generation. Consumers want to know how their body is functioning for optimal performance, and DNA is an important indicator of the body’s predispositions,” said Ron Andrews, CEO and co-founder of Exploragen. “As people continue to gain access to their DNA, there will be more ways for them to make personal lifestyle choices based on what they discover.”

Andrews, following a successful career in molecular diagnostics, co-founded Exploragen in 2016 with consumer genomics pioneers and genetic counselors Shannon Kieran and Sara Riordan. Together, the team saw the potential for bringing useful DNA information to consumers in their daily lives. They also realized that the demand for DNA-specific tools and trackers was not being met. Building on their extensive experience at top medical genetics companies, they created Exploragen with the vision of empowering everyone to gain meaningful insights from their DNA and use them to better their everyday lives.

Exploragen apps will be available exclusively on the Helix platform, the first online marketplace of DNA-powered consumer products that offer insights into nutrition, fitness, health, ancestry, family and entertainment.

“Exploragen and Helix share a common mission of creating innovative DNA-powered products that make genomics relevant and accessible to every consumer, and we’re excited to debut the first of a suite of innovative applications on our soon-to-launch marketplace,” said Justin Kao, Co-Founder and SVP of Helix.

Through a strategic partnership with Helix, Exploragen is bringing a suite of applications to consumers that allow users to learn about and manage many aspects of their lifestyle and wellness with the touch of a button.