Datadobi, a global leader in unstructured data management software, announced the launch of the only truly vendor-neutral unstructured data mobility engine designed to handle the scale and complexity of the world’s largest storage environments. Version 5.12 (v5.12) unifies the most sophisticated and field-hardened capabilities and techniques to deliver the data mobility required for sophisticated, vendor-neutral, and scalable unstructured data management solutions.

The 5.12 release establishes the step over threshold from Datadobi’s powerful data migration and protection solutions DobiMigrate and DobiProtect to the fully-fledged data mobility engine through the release of key components essential for enterprises looking to effectively manage unstructured data.

Earlier this month, Datadobi also announced the launch of a new DatadobiDriven Training Portal, intended to provide strategic partners and end customers with tailored technical certification, support, and on-going communication. The new portal is an enhancement to the DatadobiDriven Program, which is focused on adding value for Sales Engineers, Professionals, and Administrators that helps to drive business success.

In related news, Datadobi announced it has partnered with CLIMB Channel Solutions to provide DatadobiDriven Program benefits to its Climbing Club members.

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