Zylo, a leading enterprise SaaS management platform, released its annual SaaS Management Benchmarks research report, a comprehensive analysis of SaaS spending and management. The report examines data from more than $5B in SaaS spending and two billion user logins in more than one hundred companies ranging in size and industry.

The pandemic accelerated SaaS spending as organizations adopted software to mitigate the various challenges of a fully remote workforce. SaaS purchasing saw a 26% increase from February to April of 2020, the onset of the pandemic, compared to the year before. Data security SaaS spending spiked 132%, and web conferencing grew 22% from 2019. Other key findings from the report include:

  • IT controls just 42% of SaaS spend, with one in four employees expensing SaaS
  • On average, a company maintains 651 SaaS applications
  • A typical company will see at least 10 new applications enter its environment and four applications exit active use every 30 days

Gartner projects SaaS will garner $101 billion in revenue in 2020 and grow more than 16% in 2021, with a $117 billion estimated total revenue. Zylo’s Benchmarks findings, which also point to rapid SaaS growth, indicate an increased need for better control over spend and management to scale with the rate of adoption.

“Zylo’s mission is to empower companies to embrace the rapid growth of SaaS by controlling costs and risks, while simultaneously improving employee effectiveness by providing visibility into SaaS spend and utilization,” said Zylo Chief Marketing Officer Theresa ONeil. “As organizations adopt SaaS applications at an accelerating rate, having a comprehensive SaaS system of record will empower business leaders to discover, optimize, and govern their investments.”

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