Listen to our interview with Hedy Belttary, SVP of Sales at Laserfiche:

COVID-19 disrupted all aspects of our lives, and for the channel it was no exception. But as companies began to navigate remote work and address challenges of working from home, it also created new opportunities. This transition forced companies across many industries to quickly automate processes to streamline their everyday work. There has been an increasing number of organizations, long overdue for an infrastructure revamp.  We foresee these entities going straight to the cloud and a lot faster than they had anticipated — the big reason being when, where, and how we work has been permanently altered.

While 2020 was a year of challenges, 2021 will be a year of opportunity for the channel. Cloud platforms, specifically, have been and will continue to be rapidly implemented by companies. There’s already been a 100% YoY increase in deployment and it’s expected to continue into 2021. As companies continue to assess how to embrace remote work while ensuring they have strong business continuity plans in place, cloud platforms will be at the top of the list. As companies navigate this new normal, there will also be an uptick in new customers for the channel to go after and determine how they can help them excel during this time of uncertainty. 

Laserfiche is the leading global provider of intelligent content management and business process automation. Through powerful workflows, electronic forms, document management and analytics, the Laserfiche platform eliminates manual processes and automates repetitive tasks, accelerating how business gets done.

Laserfiche pioneered the paperless office with enterprise content management more than 30 years ago. Today, Laserfiche is innovating with cloud, machine learning and AI to enable organizations in more than 80 countries to transform into digital businesses. Customers in every industry—including government, education, financial services and manufacturing—use Laserfiche to boost productivity, scale their business and deliver digital-first customer experiences.

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