Coro, a leading provider of cybersecurity for the midmarket, has created a new cybersecurity paradigm with the launch of Coro 3.0, the world’s first modular cybersecurity platform. Coro 3.0 offers a revolutionary new way for midmarket businesses to manage and consume cybersecurity. Traditional approaches rely on multiple security tools that are complex, expensive, and time consuming to deploy and manage. Coro’s  3.0 platform consolidates multiple security capabilities into a unified solution, offering 14 seamlessly integrated modules – from EDR and SASE to email security – that can be activated on demand to grow with a company’s needs. Coro 3.0 dramatically simplifies implementation of the cybersecurity stack by using a single pane of glass, one endpoint agent, and one data engine to configure, operate and manage every security module. Working together to consolidate alerts, Coro’s security modules automatically identify and remediate threats, eliminating the security gaps caused by multiple tools in the security stack.  Coro’s modular cybersecurity platform is a breakthrough solution for the midmarket, empowering companies to strengthen their security posture and reduce operational workloads at a total cost of ownership (TCO) that’s less than a third of comparable point solutions. 

The midmarket, defined as companies with 200 to 2000 employees, comprises hundreds of thousands of businesses and is a major driver of the U.S. economy, yet these companies’ limited budgets, lean IT teams and lack of cybersecurity expertise make them prime targets for cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is typically handled by a company’s IT staff, who become quickly overwhelmed by the complexity and operational workload of managing multiple tools in their security stack.

Coro 3.0 consolidates the protection of a company’s six most critical domains — cloud apps, endpoints, email, sensitive data, network and users — into a single, unified platform. Fourteen different security modules are available today, including: endpoint protection, EDR, email protection, SASE, data governance (DLP), Cloud apps (CASB), VPN, NGFW, DNS filtering, SOC (MDR), Email encryption, and ZTNA, with additional capabilities to be released over time. Each module is plug and play, activated in seconds with a single click.o

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