Most businesses now recognize the advantages of using a VoIP solution. However, not all VoIP solutions are created equal. There are several critical moving parts that ensure the phone works when you need it. Text, email, and other modern forms of communication are gradually replacing voice communication. That being said, the need to actually speak with someone appears to be irreplaceable. Many companies use automated bots and artificial intelligence to help process calls, but nothing beats speaking with a real person on the other end. Implementing a managed service practice centered on VoIP is critical because if you do not, your competitors will, and once in, they will attack your current book of business. Net2Phone is on a mission to make it extremely simple and profitable for channel partners to spin up a comprehensive solution with minimal effort or impact on your other revenue streams. In reality, Net2Phone will assist you in increasing your recurring revenue. Attend the upcoming ChannelNEXT events in Calgary on October 17 and Vancouver on October 20 to see what Net2Phone has to offer channel partners. For more info or to register for the Calgary or Vancouver event please go to 

October 17th, 2022: ChannelNEXT West In-Person and Live Streaming, Alberta, Canada Register here

October 20th, 2022: ChannelNEXT West In-Person and Live Streaming, BC, Canada Register here