Clumio launched into Canada, signifying the company’s first suite of clients outside of the U.S.

This expansion offers Canadian enterprises a holistic data protection service that crosses environments and eliminates the need to create a different set of tools, workflows, and polices for each cloud. Regardless of where data is managed, created or stored, Canadian companies, for the first time, can have a simplified and cost-effective solution to enterprise backup that provides the ability to scale, flexible economics and inherent elasticity, while still protecting the data within the borders of Canada.

The move is just another step in the company’s progress in delivering a globally consolidated data protection service in, for and to the public cloud. The Clumio founders understood that designing, managing and maintaining backup systems is time consuming and expensive, and that explosive data growth and hybrid cloud architectures make backup and recovery more challenging than ever before.

Their secure backup as a service now supports Amazon EBS and RDS. Clumio protects EBS data with an air gap solution that removes data loss vulnerabilities due to ransomware or bad actors who gain access to your AWS account. Their RDS solution converts snapshots into files that can be accessed without the usual time and expense of restoring a full replica of the data.

With each of these service capabilities, Clumio is executing on its vision for a globally consolidated data protection service that can safeguard enterprise data in multiple public clouds, regions and cloud accounts with a single service.

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