We seem to be on the verge of a complete reverse of the cloud shift of the early 2000s which saw many businesses move their applications and services to the cloud. Today, more and more technology companies are moving their computing infrastructure away from third-party cloud services back to on-premise deployments. 

We recently had a chat with Supermicro’s VP Michael McNerney to discuss this topic, why businesses are leaving public clouds to initiate their own deployments, and how the latest trends in compute hardware are contributing to this transition.

Supermicro recently partnered with IDC on this very matter. Both organizations have been seeing this trend of “cloud repatriation” accelerate drastically in the last year and wanted to find out the main driving reasons. To see more on this report, see https://www.supermicro.com/en/on-prem-cloud

As compute needs of many AI-focused businesses accelerate, some companies are considering operating their own private infrastructure in lieu of outsourcing to AWS or other public cloud sources. The move of server design toward more specialized hardware to support new applications, in contrast to more “general purpose” systems, is also problematic for some public cloud services. Supermicro expects industry shifts like this to only accelerate the drive for on-premise infrastructure in the coming years.

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