In the crazy rush to get customers Working From Home (#WFH), there was much left to “clean up” (optimization, training and security). Too many users were left vulnerable to cyber attacks and experiencing less than ideal performance. If this new business normal continues for longer (as expected), channel partners will need review and improve their WFH playbook.

Moving forward, it seems very likely that WFH will be an integral part of any business continuity plan.

As such, our upcoming virtual channel event in May will be dedicated to understanding best WFH practices, hearing from MSPs and exploring vendors with leading edge WFH technologies (FYI ChannelNEXT Virtual will tackle a different topic each month).

Come share your WFH stories, ideas and solutions! We are currently looking to showcase a cool online resource from an MSP that offers educational support to remote workers including mental health. Another MSP wrote a practical e-book on WFH from their real-time experience. Amazing MSPs willing to share and help their channel community.

We will showcase awesome vendors with leading-edge solutions that can be easily deployed remotely to dramatically prevent cyber attacks, improve performance and actually manage the productivity of remote employees.

We continue to review and select 100% relevant content to showcase to channel partners who are interested in offering and improving Work From Home (WFH) solutions for their clients.

Anyone interested to learn more about WFH from the best experts are welcome to attend.

It’s FREE for channel partners to attend and learn! One more way for our channel community to stay strong.

Get 1 (panel discussion). 1 (keynote). 9 (workshops). 10 (Lions’ Den). 10 (Vendor Hang Outs) in just one afternoon, night or morning depending on where you are from :o).

1 Panel Discussion: Channel partners and experts talk about buttoning up the work from home (#WFH) infrastructure after the rush. What are channel partners and vendors doing to plug the weak spots for their customers to improve their security and optimize productivity? [30 minutes]

1 Keynote: A keynote on assessing your current digital footprint and building a road map to ensure you come out of this crisis in a stronger position. With the exponential shift towards digital transformation of business, channel partners need to be leading this gigantic economical wave for their customers and future-proof their business. [30 minutes]

9 Workshops (in 3 tracks): Deepening on your interest (WFH Solutions and/or Business Education), we will host 9 workshops to feed your needs including topics on Security Solutions for WFH, Optimizing WFH, Leadership, Social Selling / Digital Marketing, Remote Employee Management, Peer-Group Collaboration, Building Skills and leveraging Government Subsidies and insights for leveraging the WFH Growth Market. [90 minutes in 3 parallel tracks, so 270 minutes total]

10 Vendors in Lions’ Den: Get the goods on 10 vendors that will rock your WFH game in 3 minutes each. Just enough to understand if there is a good fit for you so you can take the appropriate action. Attendees get to vote for the best pitch and one vendor wins the “Virtual Sales Warrior” Award. Many cool prizes are also given away. [30 minutes]

10 After-Event Virtual Happy Hour: Saw a vendor or coach that you felt could be interesting for your company? Join them in their private virtual rooms to learn more, ask questions and chat with their teams. [Optional As Needed]

Our team will stay online for our virtual happy hour and host an open forum to discuss anything from any attendee, while enjoying a beverage.

A few FAQ’s:

1. Why should I attend this virtual half-day experience?

Get some deeper and wider insights to build your WFH playbook and portfolio. Find solutions that you may have never seen before. Listen to how your peers are managing and succeeding with their WFH customers and employees. Get some practical business education. Hang out with your industry peers to connect, ask questions and exchange ideas.

2. Why only showcase 10 vendors?

Unfortunately with a virtual event, there is only so much time and space available. It’s quite different from in-person events were hundreds of vendors can be packed into an EXPO hall. That said, we will continue to find ways with post-event webinars to showcase more. That is why we collaborate with our eChannelNEWS media team that has been covering the channel and technology for 18 years as well as our channel community to carefully review and select the best and most interesting vendors.

3. Will I get recordings of the sessions?

Yes! All registered attendees will get recordings of all sessions to review and share with your colleagues on demand.

4. What about the Mastermind peer-group sessions?

Virtual Mastermind sessions are happening every week and on demand. We did do several Mastermind sessions in our first ChannelNEXT Virtual event in April, but the day was very long! As such, we are hosting all Mastermind sessions outside of the ChannelNEXT Virtual events. All attendees will be invited to join an upcoming Mastermind session to test and experience it first-hand (these high-value sessions will be available at an affordable fee as they are all led by professional coaches – Vendors are welcome to sponsor sessions to support their partners). We also offer several Specialty Mastermind Sessions to meet the specific needs of MSPs and VARs. Everyone should belong to a Mastermind Peer-Group to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas on a regular basis. Ask why to the Channel Partner Alliance. Not sure what is a Mastermind group? Click here!

Reserve your spot today for free!

THEME: Work From Home (WFH)

DATE: May 27, 2020

TIME: 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM EDT


LEARN MORE: Visit ChannelNEXT Website

We are keeping connected with our channel community virtually until we can safely resume in-person contact. In the meantime, you know the drill, stay safe and let’s ride this storm together. You are not alone!

Watch out for next month’s event in June – the focus will be “Cyber Security”!