Most MSPs are challenged in hiring and retaining the right talent. Job openings are everywhere; Employers are competing for talent like never before.

Five of six of the problems that are keeping channel leaders up at night are people problems.

Whether that’s attracting and keeping top talent or developing your up-and-coming talent to complete a succession strategy for the next phase of growth, your productivity and scalabaility are directly linked to your ability to find solutions to your people problems.

Most leaders miss one CRITICAL piece to the people problem puzzle… Currency* – and spoiler alert: this currency* has nothing to do with money… but everything to do with your bottom line!

Leaders who are looking beyond the pay cheque to non-monetary drivers of peak performance have that missing piece. And you can too…

Listen to this Masterclass from Glynis Devine and you will get solid takeaways that you can apply to your hiring and retention needs immediately.