As vendors push the envelope of automating their channel partner ecosystems, they are exploring new ways to up their game. Iowa-based Channel Fusion has been doing partner portals for quite a long time starting with John Deere back in 2004. They have an excellent customer base.

Basically this company can customize their platform to help manufacturers who leverage a channel partner ecosystem to go to market.

It handles all the partner incentives. It handles some marketing from vendor to partner and from partner to end-user. They can help create dedicated websites to promote products and services. It looks like a solid solution for companies looking to build sustainable partnerships with their reseller communities. Its customization allows for a deeper level of branding and matching to the specific needs of each vendor.

Its sweet spot seems to be around the branding and co-marketing aspects of the partnerships. Every vendor and partner wants to drive sales so this is definitely of interest to many.

Channel Fusion is looking to extend their platform’s reach into the IT community and they do bring some good bones and framework to the table. With their customization approach and collaborative attitude, they can deliver a solution that fits better to each vendor. When it comes to managing MDF and related incentives, rebates and spiffs then they have an edge.

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