We would all agree that how we think and act has significantly changed because of the pandemic. Humans were simply not meant to be isolated for long periods. Unless you are somehow immune or oblivious to the situation, you are probably feeling some profound effects. So now what?
Keeping that chat on the channel, Jay and I discussed the ways in which channel partners will most likely roll in 2021. Some of the usual things may remain but there is a yearning that is building to get out and meet people. In-Person events will probably return hopefully sometime in the fall especially if a large part of the population will have received the vaccine. That said, it may not be the same human behaviours as it was pre-covid.
Channel partners leverage a combination of in-person events, virtual events, e-mail and to a lesser degree, the telephone to communicate. Since in-person went on pause, the channel shifted to other forms of virtual communications. Even calling people on phones became cool again. I am sure some younger people were shocked to realize that smart phones do have a telephone built in :o).
New tools have also jumped up like Clubhouse. A verbal-only discussion platform. To me it’s like a party-line with a few hundred people. You can jump in all sorts of conversations or just listen.
We will see how all this pans out as we roll out of the pandemic. We discussed how the channel will most likely behave throughout the rest of 2021 as they prepare for a digital-first economy.