Barrier1 was formed out of experience and frustration. The group of developers of Barrier1 and the lead were part of the cyber team for a General Electric Division of $4 B in sales and 14,000 seats. They were one of Check Point’s first N. America customer. They would get hacked and then figure it out and then write a firewall rule or IDS script to block that attack. They thought they were finished. Wrong, within a few days they were hacked again. In looking forward they realized that this “breach and fix” approach was not sustainable. The networks speeds were getting faster, the cyber-attacks were becoming more complex, and the cost and outcomes were climbing.
So, they designed a cyber machine platform that can identify the know cyber events, learn from them, analyzes all of the attributes in total and then react by either allowing or blocking within sub second time. That experience was the design criteria of what became Barrier1.
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