Yak Communications Inc. has completed Phase I of the technical and engineering testing of its VOIP services and has started a market test.

Charles Zwebner, Yak President and Chief Executive Officer said “The Company continues to execute on its planned rollout of VOIP services to the residential and small business markets and expects to be in market testing to approximately 1,000 users until full commercial deployment, to consumers anywhere in the world, anticipated by September 8, 2004.”

The product is expected to be commercially released with full features including such options as: Caller ID, Call Blocking, Call Return, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling, Voicemail, Free On Net Calls, local and international DID’s (direct inward dialing numbers), and 911 operator services.

Pricing for the bundled services including local, long distance and basic features, will be in the $24.99 to $39.99 range, all-inclusive.

“We have tested our products on high speed DSL networks and currently have consumers making inbound and outbound calls using both IP phones and regular telephones, with operational connectivity between the two on both the IP and PSTN networks (public switched telephone), and it works well. Final testing for cable subscribers on high-speed cable networks is anticipated by May 15, 2004. We are extremely pleased with our engineering results and the call quality, and look forward to our anticipated full commercial rollout on September 8, 2004. We believe the market opportunities for our products are extremely large both in Canada and USA, as well as internationally,” added Zwebner.

For more information on YAK Broadband please visit http://www.yak.com