Customer loyalty is always important to every business. Without it, a business will eventually fail. However, depending on the business and the economic conditions, many businesses can get away with some level of poor customer loyalty. When demand is too high, then companies can afford to neglect customer loyalty building. That said, customer loyalty should be baked into every day of every business.

In today’s crisis and economical challenges, companies with stronger customer loyalty will and do out perform their competitors. Unfortunately customer loyalty is not something you can just build overnight. It is something that has to be earned every day. Understanding where you are in terms of loyalty with your customers is an important place to start.

Mark Eydman understands the process of customer loyalty at the DNA level and can help any company to get back on track. If you are not sure of how loyalty your customers are to your company, then you should start digging to find out. The best time to have started was on the first day you opened your business. If you missed all of the signs, then the next best time to start is today.

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