I recently got a wireless headset from EPOS (ADAPT-460) to test out. I have never heard of them before. The EPOS brand is a spinoff that started in early 2020 by 2 giants in the sector: Sennheiser from Germany and Demant from Denmark.

Of course, most people know Sennheiser and its amazing quality of headsets, microphones and speakers.

EPOS is the offspring brand for Enterprise and Gaming headsets. The quality is quite remarkable and could be the one to watch in this fast-growing space.

As most everyone is working remotely, a headset is a must-have. Sure you could use your mic and speakers that are built into your computer, but the quality is not great in most cases and with all of the disruptions in remote working and living conditions, it can be noisy.

A good web cam is great to have, but you at least need to hear and talk clearly. When your broadband fluctuates, all you may have left is the audio. Having a high quality, reliable and compatible headset is mission critical.

Sure you can get cheaper headsets and for most cases, that could be enough, but if you are doing business, it may be wise to invest a bit more to get a good performing headset.

So I tested out this EPOS headset… It came in a basic brown cardboard recyclable box and a carrying case. Instructions were on the inside cover printed in basic black.

I plugged in the Bluetooth receiver and pressed the on button on the headset for 2 seconds. I placed the band around my neck and inserted the ear pieces into my ears (I picked the right-size rubber inserts to fit my ear and snapped it on – took a bit of effort to get in on). It was ready…Clicked play music and I did a few virtual sessions to check out the sound and mic.

Everything worked great. Quality was excellent. I cannot really explain how it sounds except to say that you can hear everything and it also blocked out sound from the outside, even though not a noise cancelling device.

The device had all of the controls you would expect like volume control. One button to click to answer calls. It was also very easy to reach once you knew where they were positioned. Ensure that you have the left and right side correctly as the mic will not be at the optimal position.

What I really liked about this headset?

  1. The band rests around my neck and on my shoulders. I barely noticed it was there. More conformable than having it over my head.
  2. When you want to remove ear piece, just pop them out and let it fall. Need it back in, it’s right there to access.
  3. Minimal packaging/print and recyclable
  4. A sturdy carrying case to carry around
  5. You can keep on charging the device while you are using it
  6. I connected to my iPhone and it just worked!

I would definitely recommend this headset, especially if you do not like having the earpiece over or on your ear. This is definitely more comfortable especially for longer sessions. Wireless Ear Pods are also good to compare to this device, but they can fall out, need more charging and try finding them when you forget where you put them.


  1. When the battery runs out it just cuts off. Not sure if there is a warning indicator? Seems like the light on the device goes to red when low or charging? I did not see it as it was around my neck. Maybe there was a warning sound that I did not hear?

Overall, well done EPOS! I would buy this!