TripleHop Technologies today announced it made MatchPoint™ available directly from the search menus of Microsoft Office® with its MatchPoint 3.2 Office Edition. MatchPoint Office enables end users within the enterprise to perform precise and fast searches through their desktop information, in addition to other disparate sources previously searchable through MatchPoint 3.2 Enterprise Edition. With MatchPoint Office, end users can now query any internal or external information source directly from within their familiar Windows environment, eliminating the need to launch a separate search application. MatchPoint 3.2 Office Edition is available today directly through TripleHop Technologies

“Several public search engines are racing to win desktop and end-to-end search,” says Renaud Laplanche, CEO of TripleHop Technologies. “We already provide that comprehensive level of search functionality to the enterprise user with MatchPoint 3.2. Today’s release makes it even easier for users to search their entire information universe, as they can now use their Microsoft Office® research pane to launch queries through their desktop and any other internal or external source of information.”

In addition to personal information such as files and emails, MatchPoint’s search capabilities extend to numerous disparate sources including the Internet, corporate intranets, shared file systems, document and content management systems, internal and external databases, multimedia files and more. MatchPoint’s fast and accurate search results rely on TripleHop’s contextual search technology that takes into account the context of the user query, including the user profile and relevant industry and company knowledge. MatchPoint also features a concept searching technology that automatically generates a thesaurus directly from the enterprise’s own document set and uses it to expand the user query to synonyms and related terms.