The Frictionless Cloud is inspired by a simple principle: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” [Albert Einstein].

As clients work towards accomplishing their missions, technology should not be a roadblock or a friction point.

TetherView the creator of the Frictionless Cloud, transforms the existing legacy IT infrastructure into a new state of the art environment that will allow businesses to use technology as a tool to deliver the mission.

By minimizing  IT Footprint they maintain an agile/nimble structure that will enable new technology quickly and effectively.

The creation of a custom private cloud hosted and managed by TetherView will:

  • Never Separate Users From Data
  • Eliminate dependency on single points of failure such as: physical computers, specific locations, or specific internet connection
  • Include Security, Patching, Compliance, Backup, and DR
  • Provide Flat Predictable Pricing
  • Be built with the best of breed enterprise system

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