Brent Criado, Channel Manager at Cyrebro, an MDR solution provider that enables MSPs and MSSPs to provide MDR services to their clients with zero investment, detailed the functionality of the Cyrebro platform, emphasizing its ability to analyze customer data, identify security threats, and provide detailed mitigation instructions. He explained the licensing model based on the total number of machines in the client’s environment, and highlighted the revenue opportunities for partners, explaining that partners can earn income from integrating the platform, managing it for customers, and mitigating threats.

Emphasizing the benefits of outsourcing complex 24/7 monitoring, and the technology used by Cyrebro to analyze and correlate data from customer environments, Brent explained the benefits of outsourcing alert handling and investigation, which saves time and resources, as well as better protects the business from potential breaches.

Brent presented a comprehensive comparison of their pricing with other providers, underscoring the cost-effectiveness of their solution and its appeal to small and medium-sized businesses seeking feasible MDR options.

Note: Cyrebro was awarded the Best in Show Winner at our recent Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summit in Jacksonville, FL.