BlackBerry users can find public and private .tel
contact information at the speed of their internet connection, dynamically and
directly from their address book.

Navigating to or over a BlackBerry device provides access to an
application which enables users to:


– Directly lookup a .tel domain inside the address book, including
private information from friends

– Search for a .tel domain inside the address book

– Add any .tel domain as a new contact or associate it with an existing

– Send ‘friending’ requests and except or decline them depending on
your TelFriends status

– Quickly change your .tel profile to make sure your contacts reach you
the way you want

Henri Asseily, CTO and Chief Strategist at Telnic, explained: “Dynamic
data stored under the control of a .tel owner can now jump straight into
people’s address books without having to subscribe to any other web-based
directory services, making address books ‘live’ again. These applications are
open source and free to use, and developers are already looking at the
opportunity to use .tel information on other platforms and in other
communications technologies.”