“Doing more with less” is a common phrase, particularly when times are tough economically. Since people will naturally assume that this implies they will have to work more with fewer resources, I worry that it is not the correct message to be communicating.

“Doing better with less” makes much more sense.

Just doing stuff without a proper thought, strategy or purpose will result in random outcomes. Before you cut anything, measure at least twice!

This article is about you making one simple change in your vocabulary that can change your mindset and those around you. Stop saying “do more with less” and replace with “do better with less”.

In challenging times, people tend to make the most mistakes because they panic! In good times, people tend to over compensate and sometimes overreach. Depending on your current situation, finding the correct balance is crucial.

Laying off good talent is not wise unless you simply cannot afford it. It will be impossible to hire back and worse, they could go work for your competition. Instead, try offering them some share of the business.

Cutting back on marketing can be good and bad. If you cut back too much or invest poorly, the ROI will hurt you. That said, always remember that in slower times, your message penetrates the noise much easier as others go silent. Which means, you get more bang for the buck.

Six ways for doing better with less:

  1. Now is a good time to do an inventory of everything – talent, solution, operations, sales, marketing, website, social etc… We have a smart FREE best practice assessment for MSPs and VARs (any channel partner) – it’s worth your effort to at least have a look and ask yourself the 200 questions. We know that all of the top 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award recipients are doing very well in business and have a bullish outlook for 2024. Here are a few pics of some who are leading the pack – learn from them.
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“Do BETTER with LESS”… repeat it 10 times :o)