David Watts, Tech Data
Tech Data is investing in the future of its business, the well-being of its employees, and taking a step towards its net zero carbon goals, through a comprehensive plan to reinvent and enhance its workspaces.
As part of its Future Workplace plan, Tech Data’s co-workers in Basingstoke and Bracknell will benefit from office spaces that are being comprehensively refurbished to include a wide variety of working and collaboration areas that will support and encourage different co-worker activities and preferences. They include collaboration zones, agile working spaces, focus booths, casual meeting areas, project zones, multi-faith and mother’s room, along with enhanced break-out and canteen facilities.  
Both offices will have the same look, design and feel, providing co-workers with a consistent environment and experience. On both sites, co-workers will benefit from bright and open use of floor space with areas for physical, virtual and hybrid interactions.
In addition, the Basingstoke location will house a new dedicated technology centre  for resellers, allowing vendor technology demonstrations, proof of concept testing and customer meetings. The Bracknell location already houses the Tech Data Business Solutions Centre.
As well as being carefully designed for optimum working and collaboration, energy efficiency and consumption are key aspects of the future workplaces and an important part of Tech Data’s sustainability goals.
The new Basingstoke office, which remains within Chineham Park, is energy efficient with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of “B” and a BREEAM score of “Very good”. The car park has a number of e-charging points for electric vehicles. Tech Data is also investing in LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and switching to net zero electricity suppliers. There will be a refit of the existing Bracknell office where work is already underway and where the landlord has committed to an investment plan to bring the building to an EPC rating of ‘B’.
Tech Data has employed a specialist office design and build consultancy to map out the space and is equipping the premises with the latest technology systems and furniture. The impact of the move will be amplified by the continuation of hybrid working practices.
David Watts, managing director, UK and Ireland, Tech Data, said: “With the Future Workplace plan, Tech Data is making sure that its UK office locations are the best possible places in which to work, meet and collaborate. Designed for purpose and equipped with the latest technology, furniture and fittings, they will be workspaces that are both inspirational and practical and enable co-workers to work together even more effectively in delivering the highest levels of service and support to our customers and partners.”
The Future Workplace plan is the result of a detailed review of Tech Data’s real estate in the UK and Ireland, that aims to deliver fit-for-the-future working environments that will meet the needs of co-workers and the business for the long term. As well as upgrading the Basingstoke and Bracknell offices, Tech Data will take the opportunity of lease events to update its other UK locations.
Source: TechData