Synaptics® Incorporated has given notebook manufacturers a new option to streamline product design and manufacturing with the announcement of SpeakerPad™, the first ever integration of an audio speaker and a notebook TouchPad. By integrating audio technology into the TouchPad module, the SpeakerPad eliminates the need for multiple speaker components, offering a simplified and improved design and manufacturing process, cleaner industrial design and quality sound.

“Using a single module which combines the TouchPad and the speaker saves significant space, which is essential for today’s thinner, more compact notebooks,” said Synaptics General Manager Don Kirby. “Additionally, the single module is easier to design into a notebook, easier to integrate, and allows manufacturers to work with one company for both audio and user-interface devices.”

“Real estate is at a premium in compact notebooks, and complex product designs pose significant challenges to OEMs trying to maintain efficient design and manufacturing processes,” said Randy Giusto, Vice President, Personal Technology at IDC. “Any product that saves space while simplifying design and production will be extremely attractive to notebook manufacturers.”

The Synaptics’ SpeakerPad doubles as both the TouchPad and speaker in a notebook computer, and offers the same superior performance and reliability that is the hallmark of Synaptics’ products. The SpeakerPad product is the result of a development effort between Synaptics, and NXT Plc, a British company focusing on audio and speech technology. SpeakerPad’s design utilizes NXT’s SurfaceSound™ flat panel loudspeaker technology.