Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the latest version of Sun Java System Instant Messaging, a key component of Sun Java Communications Suite. With this latest release, Sun is supporting the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), the first protocol to be approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an Internet standard for instant messaging and presence technologies. In addition, Sun Java System Instant Messaging includes new privacy controls, significant improvements in usability and new partnerships to enhance the offering.

“Instant messaging and presence awareness are powerful communication and collaboration tools, not only as standalone applications but also as the foundation for a wide-range of real-time applications. Through new support for XMPP, Sun Java System Instant Messaging helps to enable customers to build or extend their real time applications to accelerate business processes and increase the return on investment,” said Mayank Choudhary, group marketing manager for collaboration products, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

XMPP Support Extends/Protects the Investment

XMPP facilitates interoperability across instant messaging and real-time, presence-based applications, as well as facilitating third-party integration. Using XMPP, Sun Java System Instant Messaging can help customers protect their communications infrastructure investments by enabling the software to be customized to meet business requirements. XMPP extends the benefits of Sun Java System Instant Messaging by increasing the possible community of users, further reducing the costs of communication, and expanding the potential for instant messaging and presence functionality both through open source components and third party software.

Sun is working with Clique Communications, a leading provider of video communication and collaboration tools to integrate Sun Java System Instant Messaging with Clique Video Messenger. Clique offers modular, component-based solutions that are interoperable across mobile and wirelinenetworks. Customers using Sun Java System Instant Messaging along with Clique Video Messenger, will now be able to incorporate video calling into their communication infrastructure.

“Sun’s support of XMPP makes the Sun Java Communications Suite an ideal platform for our video phone, messaging, and conferencing products” said Chang Feng, CTO, Clique Communications, LLC. “XMPP-based presence and messaging allows customers to make video calls more conveniently and effectively. Unlike using an ordinary phone, we can tell that the other person is available before we call them, and we can see them when they answer.”

Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

The new release of Sun Java System Instant Messaging helps customers address the issues of privacy and regulatory compliance with extensive privacy controls and partner integrations. Access permissions and a sophisticated set of privacy profile controls enable users to control information about their presence and availability. Integration between Sun Java System Instant Messaging and ArcMentor offers customers the ability to securely archive, monitor, retrieve and analyze instant messaging content including both message body and transferred files. Because industry regulations require instant messaging to be treated in the same manner as e-mail communications and subject to the same record retention and audit policies, these capabilities are critical for companies looking to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

“As the use of instant messaging expands in the workplace, companies are increasingly concerned about regulatory compliance requirements,” said Yogesh Patel, CEO of ArcMentor, Inc. “Working together, Sun and ArcMentor provide a secure solution for transparent, secure archiving of all real-time communication including instant messaging,conference traffic and transferred files across a corporate network.”

Embedded and Extended Instant Messaging

Embedding the real-time collaboration and presence capabilities of Sun Java System Instant Messaging into other applications enables a richer, more productive end user experience. The Sun Java Studio Enterprise development environment extends the capabilities of Sun Java System Instant Messaging to enable collaboration among the growing number of distributed development teams. These developers can now communicate from within their primary work environment, sharing ideas, passing snippets of Java technology, reviewing snippets of code in real time and even coding a single Java platform source file concurrently.

“Both the executive team and our project teams are excited about the real-time collaboration in Java Studio Enterprise 7,” said Marc Maselli, president of Back Bay Technologies, Inc., a professional services firm. “Project teams see significant performance improvements based on the collaboration technologies, which help us ensure higher productivity and synchronization when developers are working in dispersed teams. By embedding Sun Java System Instant Messaging into the Java Studio integrated development environment, Sun helps to mitigate the risks of projects involving both offshore and onshore programming.”

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