SnapLogic launched the SnapLogic Accelerator for Amazon HealthLake, which enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to easily ingest a range of raw data into Amazon HealthLake, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and transform it into healthcare-related insights and actions. This new Amazon HealthLake-dedicated integration and automation accelerator will help organizations looking to quickly connect systems, automate processes, and accelerate analytics to create a secure, modern healthcare experience.

The SnapLogic Accelerator for Amazon HealthLake establishes a single platform for all healthcare input requirements. It unlocks data from common on-premises legacy systems, including EPIC or Cerner, and expedites its movement into Amazon HealthLake, preparing it for immediate consumption by healthcare providers, in their desired format.

“Healthcare and life sciences companies understand the powerful role that accurate, accessible data plays in a modern organization,” said Mark Gibbs, Vice President of Products at SnapLogic. “The question is, how can they easily access the needed data and deliver quality insights that enable better hospital operations, faster drug research, better patient care, and more? With our new Accelerator, organizations can now significantly speed up application connectivity and data movement, making teams more productive and enabling them to harness all their data assets to drive the organization forward.”

Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA-eligible service offering healthcare and life sciences companies a complete view of individual or patient population health data for query and analytics at scale. It enables healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to securely store, transform, query, analyze, and share healthcare data in the cloud at petabyte scale.

SnapLogic expedites the data load, and can help provide organizations using Amazon HealthLake with clean, trusted data, at scale and in real-time. SnapLogic’s API Management capabilities enable users to share the curated and valuable results with Amazon HealthLake that can be directly included in an organization’s dashboard of choice, helping them improve decision-making and accelerate results.

Key uses of the SnapLogic Accelerator for Amazon HealthLake include:

  • Modernizing Legacy Systems – By creating a “single source of truth” for patient data, organizations can improve patient care, use data to personalize treatment plans, and optimize clinical processes by sharing data among providers, increasing cost-effectiveness.
  • Harnessing Data – SnapLogic helps organizations harness the power of all their relevant data to gain a 360-degree view of patients, gauge market signals, and optimize operations for improved revenue and community impact. With the new Accelerator, organizations can boost efficiency, strengthen patient engagement, and improve billing and payments reconciliation.
  • Accelerating Innovation – With integrated data, applications, and systems, organizations gain the insights needed to become more accurate, agile, and scalable. This aids companies in uncovering new drug innovations and therapies, expanding into new markets – such as insurance or medical devices, transitioning to value-based care by securely integrating data in a HIPAA-compliant system, and benchmarking patient metrics.

The SnapLogic Accelerator for Amazon HealthLake can also read and create FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) compliant documents, which can then be sent to or received from Amazon HealthLake for analytics.

Source: SnapLogic