Siebel Systems, Inc. today announced the general availability of Siebel Learning 7.7, the latest version of its industry-leading learning solution. Siebel Learning 7.7 improves corporate performance by providing a comprehensive learning platform for developing, hosting, and managing employee training across the extended enterprise.

“Siebel Learning 7.7 is the most complete solution for ensuring that employees acquire the skills needed to support corporate objectives and drive organizational performance,” said Anthony Deighton, General Manager, Siebel ERM. “Siebel Systems has leveraged the learning expertise developed by Siebel University as well as extensive input provided by customers to deliver a world-class enterprise solution that provides companies with a single system for developing and managing learning.”

Broader, Deeper Functionality Aligns Employee Development with Strategic Initiatives

New functionality provided by Siebel Learning 7.7 includes more than 100 analytic dashboards for measuring the impact of training, the Siebel SimBuilder authoring toolset, fully integrated performance and skills management, and AICC/SCORM standards compliance. Siebel Learning 7.7 also offers significant enhancements in the areas of course management and administration, ease of use, and performance.

*Deeper Business Insight through Embedded Analytics-Siebel Learning 7.7 leverages Siebel Systems’ functionally rich and architecturally superior analytics platform to quantify the value of training as correlated with performance metrics across the entire organization. Siebel Learning 7.7 delivers a complete next-generation business analytics solution that incorporates prebuilt and industry-specific reports based on best-practice analyses and a data warehouse that transforms data from Siebel Systems and other sources into actionable intelligence. Significant enhancements provided include more than 100 prebuilt reports and indicators for analyzing training, performance management, and general employee data. With these enhancements, organizations can go beyond analysis of course-level information, correlating individual and group performance with specific training courses, learning objectives, employee competencies, and test results. This enables organizations to measure the effectiveness of learning and the channels through which it is delivered.

*Robust Authoring Combined with Comprehensive Content Administration-Siebel SimBuilder is a desktop authoring environment that speeds content development, reduces development costs, and enables the completion of essential training content in less time. Unlike traditional authoring applications that require multiple tools to capture, edit, and publish content for the classroom, SimBuilder integrates this functionality in a single user-friendly environment. As a result, content developers can create content and maintain data in one place, leveraging it across multiple delivery channels, including instructor-led, Web-based, prerecorded, and virtual classroom training.

*Performance Management Integration-Tightly integrated with Siebel Performance Management, a leading solution for aligning employee activities with corporate strategy, Siebel Learning 7.7 serves as a critical component in the employee objective setting and review processes. Individual skills are matched against competency requirements to identify skill gaps so that employees are guided to courses that are relevant to their jobs and will assist them in meeting performance goals. This helps organizations ensure that training dollars map to individual objectives, which, in turn, map to overall organizational objectives. With the integration of Siebel Learning 7.7 and Siebel Performance Management 7.7, employee skill and competency profiles are automatically updated when learning occurs. This provides management with the most up-to-date information on its workforce and, ultimately, on the company’s ability to achieve specific business goals.

*Training Industry Standards Compliance-Siebel Learning 7.7 complies fully with training industry standards that facilitate the interoperability between Siebel Learning 7.7 and third-party training content. These standards include Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) – Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) Guidelines for Interoperability, Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM 1.2 Specification), Instructional Management System (IMS) Content Packaging Specification, and Section 508 compliance. This allows customers to quickly and easily integrate training content with their Siebel Learning deployment.

Proven Customer Success

Leading businesses worldwide have implemented Siebel Learning to improve employee performance and, ultimately, increase customer satisfaction. “By improving the skills of all our employees wherever they are and—whatever their function we’re helping them perform more effectively,” said Roberta Rossi, General Manager, TeleAp. “Our Siebel implementation is the engine for motivating our employees and developing their skills. This ultimately enables them to serve our customers more effectively.”

Enhancements Improve Usability and Lower TCO

In developing Siebel 7.7 and Siebel Learning 7.7, the Siebel development teams focused on improving user interaction with applications by simplifying common actions, streamlining navigation, enhancing the appearance and readability of data, and providing embedded role-based guidance.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) was also a major focus in developing the underlying Siebel 7.7 platform. The design and engineering teams focused on driving costs out of installation, configuration, integration, and operation and making the software faster, easier, and less costly to implement and maintain. Siebel Systems estimates that the cumulative result is a 39 percent reduction in overall TCO as compared to previous Siebel releases. These and other TCO enhancements make Siebel Learning 7.7 the most cost-effective learning solution available today.

Siebel ERM

Siebel Employee Relationship Management (ERM) is a suite of solutions that integrates employee service, performance management, and learning capabilities to help organizations consistently execute corporate strategy, while decreasing operating costs. Used by more than 300 organizations across various industries, Siebel ERM, including Siebel Learning, is the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive suite of packaged ERM applications for executives, managers, and employees.