SaaS Alerts, the industry’s first-ever unified monitoring and alerting platform purpose-built for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to protect and monetize their customers’ core business SaaS applications, announces its general availability release and introduces its MSP Reslillent Response (MRR) program to provide MSPs with free unlimited use through October 1st.

SaaS Alerts was designed to help MSPs monitor and protect their customers’ usage of today’s most popular SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Dropbox and more – and to safeguard against security threats to a businesses’ SaaS environment such as data theft, data that’s at risk due to unintentional employee mishaps and actions taken by bad actors.

The recent annual report on SaaS Trends by Blissfully shows that 68% of organizations are now mostly or all SaaS-driven, with nearly 23% saying they operate solely using SaaS apps today – and on average, the employee of a small-to-midsized business using eight SaaS applications. As the technology needs of the SMB customer continue to evolve to the Cloud, SaaS Alerts gives MSPs a solution that provides alerting and visibility into SaaS application user behavior, which until now has been missing from the MSP cybersecurity stack.

“The migration of businesses to SaaS applications is exploding with products like Microsoft Office 365 reaching nearly 258 million paid seats,” stated Keith Engelbert, Managing Partner, SaaS Alerts. “The global pandemic has dramatically shifted how people work and as a result, organizations have scaled up their use of cloud applications to support collaboration and productivity from home. This new dynamic is a breeding ground for hackers and bad actors who undoubtedly will use this opportunity to cripple small business customers even further. We hope SaaS Alerts will support MSPs in their fight to protect SMBs and we’re excited about the positive feedback we’ve received from our initial customers.”

SaaS Alerts is multi-tenant and cross correlates data from multiple applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Salesforce, and Dropbox to detect cyber threats – with support for Box and Slack coming soon along with a roadmap for other popular SaaS Applications.  The product also integrates with popular MSP PSA tools such as Kaseya BMS to streamline alert response and it has an easy to use email connector into other PSA/ITSM solutions. SaaS Alerts is able to onboard end customers in minutes and is designed to quickly assimilate to the way MSPs do business.

The product is available at no cost until October 1st through the company’s MSP Resilient Response Program.

For more information on SaaS Alerts and the MSP Resilient Response Program, please visit