Jay McBain is very busy at Forrester Research as he digs into the to data that tells the big story of the current state of the IT Channel and all of its players. As the economy struggles to climb out of this economic crisis caused by the Pandemic, vendors, distributors and partners need to make some significant adjustments to come out stronger.
We discussed what is happening in the distribution channel and how they are dealing with some significant challenges. We discussed how some vendors are accelerating success with their marketplaces. We talked about what channel partners should be focusing on for emerging growth markets and others that they should downplay. And more…
It paints a solid big-picture overview of how all of the pieces of the channel are moving with some guidance as to where the market is headed and how to get there from here.
Looking forward to Jay’s next report on the distribution channel coming soon! Contact Forrester to learn more or get your hands on a copy.
Check out the full 48-minute interview.
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