Qarbon, a leading developer of Viewlet technology and visual e-communications solutions for the enterprise, today announced ViewletCam™, the newest addition to its popular family of multimedia authoring tools. ViewletCam software allows users to record, edit, enhance and publish full-motion video Viewlets using a PC. Viewlets are Flash-enabled animated presentations.

“We are thrilled to launch ViewletCam because Qarbon now provides the industry’s broadest and deepest product line catering to the e-communications needs of enterprises,” said Patrick LeGranche, CEO and chairman of Qarbon. “ViewletCam software allows anyone, regardless of technical savvy, to create professional quality full motion videos on their PC. Our corporate customers now have all the tools they need for every presentation application.”

ViewletCam can capture anything that crosses a computer screen, including animations, scrolling windows, user interactions such as dragging and dropping objects on the screen, dynamic content such as stock price data or news feeds from tickers, and even Flash movies and video. Once recorded, ViewletCam videos can be easily enhanced with images, callouts, text or even audio. ViewletCam’s high-quality rich media content can be played on more than 97 percent of the world’s Internet-connected computers, as well as on many mobile devices, addressing the many different needs of the corporate customer.

ViewletCam joins ViewletBuilder™, another authoring tool for creating Viewlet presentations; and ViewletFarm™, the Viewlet management system for storing, organizing and deploying Viewlets. Whereas ViewletCam’s recording process works like a digital camcorder, ViewletBuilder’s patented screen capture method works like a digital camera.

With more than 20 million Viewlets in circulation each month and thousands more created daily, Viewlets have become the preferred e-communications tool at thousands of enterprise organizations, including 51 percent of the Fortune 100 and numerous government organizations.

Pricing and availability

ViewletCam is available for $199 for a single user license, $699 for five seats and $1,299 for 10 seats. Volume discounts for multiple license orders and educational discounts on all product editions are also available. The price includes full technical support.