Pulseway, a leading provider of mobile-first, cloud-first remote monitoring and management (RMM) technology, announced the launch of its innovative, next-generation end-user support platform, Pulseway Client Portal. Pulseway continues to prove its value to the industry as an innovative and disruptive RMM provider with a laser focus on efficiency and productivity of IT professionals by bringing a leading-edge support platform to empower end-users to immediately resolve their own IT issues without waiting for a technician to become free. This not only reduces pressure on support and IT teams, enabling them to focus on more crucial tasks and issues, it increases end user satisfaction.

“We are giving organizations a whole new and efficient way to deliver IT support”, says Marius Mihalec, founder and CEO of Pulseway. “Pulseway Client Portal gives companies a central support hub that allows their end-users and employees to resolve their own IT issues, quickly and efficiently. From ordering new equipment or requesting more storage, to fixing their own printer and computer issues. For the end-user, they get their problem fixed quickly and they are operational, and for the organization, they spend less time doing basic mundane tasks, which frees resources to focus on business critical projects. The portal and the self help troubleshooters are completely customizable,meaning each organization can set up their own unique self-service flows. We already had some amazing feedback from our partners and will continue to enhance and develop the product in the future to ensure we meet the real world needs of users.”

Pulseway Client Portal enables IT technicians and system administrators to build fully customisable resolution paths tailored for their business needs and most commonly raised tickets to fully automate end-user support without the need for manual intervention. If the particular issue can not be resolved via resolution paths, a built-in real-time chat function allows the end user to communicate directly with a technician, instantly. The technician receives the log of what self service steps the user tried and  summary of the chat is then recorded and can be sent to the technician for tracking purposes and quality control of the support team.

For more information, please visit www.pulseway.com