PAX8, announced the launch of Pax8 UK and its strategic leadership team.

“Pax8 has laid a foundation for international expansion, starting with our entry into the European market and the launch of Pax8 UK,” said Nick Heddy, Chief Revenue Officer at Pax8. “We are thrilled to welcome the Pax8 UK team into the Pax8 family. The leadership team consists of some of the best talents in Europe, and we look forward to Pax8’s expansion and development in the European region and globally.”

The Pax8 UK team has hired close to 30 employees, including the addition of 32 Wirehive employees. The leadership team includes:

Robert Belgrave, Chief Executive Officer, Pax8 UK

Belgrave will lead the Pax8 UK team as CEO and manage the overall operations and corporate decision-making for the Pax8 UK business.

Simon Green, Chief Technology Officer, Pax8 UK: In his role as CTO, Green will lead the Pax8 UK technological needs as well as its research and development.

James Rossell, Chief Operating Officer, Pax8 UK: In his role as COO, Rossell will oversee the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the Pax8 UK business.

Cole Knuth, Chief Revenue Officer, Pax8 UK: In his role of CRO, Knuth is an experienced sales leader who is responsible for leading strategic global expansion.

Phylip Morgan, Chief Channel Officer, Pax8 UK: Morgan comes to Pax8 UK with more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. CRN has recognised Morgan on their ‘A-List’ as being one of the most influential people in the UK Technology Sector and PCR Magazine as one of the top 50 Tech Executives in the UK. In his role, he is responsible for building channel relationships in EMEA and expanding our market opportunities.

Jefferson Keith, Chief Financial Officer, Pax8 UK: In his role as CFO for Pax8 UK, Keith will manage the financial actions of the entity.

Aaron Watts, Vice President of International Sales: Watts is a proven technology sales leader in the IT industry with experience working across many global markets. In his role at Pax8 UK, Watts is responsible for building and managing a world-class sales organization.

In addition to the newly appointed Pax8 UK leadership team, the existing Wirehive leadership team will work closely with Pax8 UK to achieve continued growth and success, including:

Chloe Cameron, Managing Partner, Wirehive: In her role, Cameron will continue to support the internal voice of the business, overseeing human resources, finance, and marketing.

Kevin MacDonald, Managing Partner, Wirehive: In his role, MacDonald will continue to act as the voice of the customer, leading sales, delivery, and support.

As part of its international expansion, the company announced promotions of those who will run global departments at Pax8, including:

  • Jennifer Bodell, Senior Vice President of Global Channel
  • Don Jeter, Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Amanda Lee, Senior Vice President of Global Communications

Heddy continued: “This team is highly regarded in the industry and well-positioned to expand Pax8 operations globally. We congratulate them on the very deserved promotions.”

Source: Pax8