Novell today announced the
availability of its next-generation Linux desktop for enterprise
customers: Novell(R) Linux Desktop 9, Powered by SUSE(R) LINUX. Backed
by Novell’s extensive enterprise-level support, training and consulting
services, Novell Linux Desktop 9 provides an end-user desktop platform
designed specifically to help businesses leverage Linux* and open source
software with confidence. Novell’s partner network is also prepared to
assist customers in adopting Novell Linux Desktop. Built on the same
enterprise-proven software as SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9, Novell
Linux Desktop features the same first-rate security and reliability as
Novell’s server products.

“In recent years, the IT industry has been asking when Linux will be
ready to take on the desktop,” said Jack Messman, Novell chairman and
CEO. “Novell is focusing its enterprise desktop efforts on Linux
deployments where users can gain the most benefit. Novell Linux Desktop
is not about the wholesale replacement of your Windows systems, but
rather it’s about identifying where and when an open source desktop can
be a sensible, cost-effective alternative. In our pragmatic view, the
time is now for specific desktop users to reap the benefits of open

While Novell Linux Desktop is an excellent general-purpose desktop
platform, Novell Linux Desktop beta testers have been successfully
testing the software with their transaction workers, such as call center
operators and service counter personnel. Novell Linux Desktop is also
particularly adept in other special-purpose roles such as information
kiosks and stations for intermittent PC users. Desktop Linux has also
attracted significant interest as a replacement for traditionally
high-cost UNIX-based technical workstations.

Novell’s entry into the desktop Linux space changes the market dynamics
by introducing a long-trusted player experienced in providing the
services enterprises demand. Novell has the necessary credentials to do
this with its Linux software, expertise and proven innovation obtained
through its acquisition of open source software leaders SUSE LINUX and
Ximian(R). Novell is ready to meet all the computing needs of many
enterprise users today.

Tools for a Productive Workforce
Novell Linux Desktop 9 comes ready to use, complete with an end-user
operating system, office applications and productivity tools that
support users with capabilities they are used to. This gives customers
additional savings as they don’t need to purchase an operating system
license and then pay for expensive office applications on top, as they
would with Windows.

Novell Linux Desktop includes:

– The Novell Edition of, providing a word processor,
spreadsheet and presentation suite compatible with Microsoft* Office
file formats.

– Mozilla* Firefox, a fast, full-featured browser that adheres to
Internet standards and features innovations such as tabbed browsing and
pop-up blocking.

– Novell Evolution(TM), the most complete and widely used
collaboration client for Linux. Evolution seamlessly integrates e-mail,
calendaring, contact management, and task lists into one easy-to-use

– Integration with Novell ZENworks(R) Linux Management, allowing
administrators to easily deploy, configure and manage Linux desktops
from a central location, providing enterprise-level IT control over
software deployment, remote management, and updates and patches across
the entire organization.

Novell Linux Desktop 9 eliminates the need for customers to pay much
higher desktop license fees charged by other vendors. Novell wants to
expand the benefits of open source software to more users. Therefore,
Novell and the open source community will continue to add applications
and functionality to the Linux desktop to attract enterprise customers
seeking lower cost, more choice, increased security and top-end

Novell does not rule out general replacement of Windows* and other
proprietary operating systems with Novell Linux Desktop. Novell expects
government and education customers will be active early adopters because
many of these organizations are seeking to avoid single-vendor lock-in
of their desktop systems. While some are exploring their options to
simplify their desktop infrastructure with a complete move to Linux,
others are investigating an appropriate blend of proprietary and open
source desktop systems.

Partner Support for Novell Linux Desktop
Intel Channel Software Operation Vice President Shane Wall:
“Intel-based systems are the platforms for the next generation of
software innovation, enterprise solutions and new computing models.
Novell Linux Desktop combined with Intel-based personal computers
provides IT professionals the opportunity to deploy Linux for demanding
users in enterprises worldwide.”

AMD Vice President of the Enterprise and Server/Workstation Business of
AMD’s Microprocessor Business Unit Ben Williams: “AMD has always been an
advocate of choice and supports Novell Linux Desktop 9, which empowers
businesses to leverage open source solutions with confidence. As Linux
deployment becomes more pervasive, AMD is working with Novell to lead
the industry to extremely powerful computing for desktop enterprise
users. Novell Linux Desktop 9 and the AMD64 platform with Direct Connect
Architecture can help build an incredibly strong foundation for a highly
productive workforce.”

IBM Vice President of Worldwide Linux Scott Handy: “As part of IBM’s
client strategy to enable Linux on a range of devices for customers, IBM
supports Novell’s vision of offering customers choice based on Linux and
open source. IBM enjoys a strong business relationship with Novell and
is pleased to share in Novell’s Linux Desktop launch. Novell Linux
Desktop is aligned with IBM’s industry focus and is designed to
interoperate both within or outside of a customer’s organization.”

Macromedia Vice President of Product Management Jeff Whatcott:
“Macromedia is committed to ensuring that Linux users can experience
Flash Player, the leading rich Internet client, on their platform of
choice. Novell Linux Desktop enables users, out of the box, to
experience widely distributed and rich Flash content and applications on
the Web within a leading end-user productivity environment.”

RealNetworks General Manager of Desktop Players Jeff Chasen:
“Increasingly, employees are requiring access to digital media
applications such as ‘Employee Training’ and ‘Executive Presentations’
to continue to be successful. With Novell Linux Desktop 9, employees now
can benefit from such workplace applications. The inclusion of Real’s
award-winning RealPlayer 10 with Novell Linux Desktop 9 fills out the
application suite that organizations need to switch from high-cost
proprietary end-user operating systems.”

Pricing and Availability
Novell Linux Desktop 9, Powered by SUSE LINUX, will be available Nov.
12 through Novell channel partners for a suggested price of $50 per
system, which includes upgrades and updates for one year. For more
information, visit For more on Novell’s
Linux strategy and complete line of Linux offerings, see