Novell today introduced the Mono® Kickstart program to provide for the first time developer support to organizations using Mono for new application development or migrations. Mono is a comprehensive open source development platform based on the .NET framework that allows IT and independent software vendor developers to build Linux and cross-platform applications (MacOS X, IBM S/390 and Sun Solaris) with unprecedented productivity, using popular programming languages such as C#, Java and VB.NET. The Mono project is a community initiative sponsored by Novell. As a result of the Mono Kickstart program, it is now far easier to build and develop applications on Linux and other platforms, allowing developers to get software to market faster and more cost effectively.

“Mono lets us create quality solutions for mixed-platform environments quicker than ever before,” said Scott Waddell, managing partner of CustomerDNA, a leading provider of relationship marketing software and services. “Access now to developer support from Novell via Mono Kickstart will only accelerate the availability of productivity-enhancing, cost-saving and process-improving applications to users of all kinds.”

“As we talk to Mono users, it has become very clear they want enterprise developer support from Novell,” said Miguel de Icaza, Novell vice president of engineering and founder of the Mono project. “With Mono Kickstart, Mono will help grow Linux on enterprise desktops even faster as it facilitates the development of Linux desktop applications.”

Mono Kickstart includes 25 developer support incidents along with one server or 50 desktop licenses for approximately $18,452.90 CDN. Additional developer support incidents, server licenses and desktop licenses can be purchased separately. For more information, visit