Spymac Network, Inc., creators of the world’s largest online Macintosh community, today opened the doors to Club, its new premium service created specifically for iPod and Apple Macintosh users.

Club members can do everything from showcase what songs they listen to in iTunes, to starting an online Group which includes a private discussion and chat room, online schedule, gallery for sharing pictures, movies and songs, 12GB of storage, desktop integration and more.

The $25 USD per year subscription service lets members share their files and bookmarks with specific groups of friends, making it the ideal tool for students, businesses and educators requiring a private, secure method to collaborate online. For an overview of what’s included in Club, visit www.spymac.com/club.

“If you’re an iPod or Mac user on the Internet, you can benefit from Club,” said Kevin April, Spymac CTO. “From email to blogging to socializing or building a web site, Club makes it fun and easy. It’s a central hub for all of your online collaborative needs.”

Spymac Club is the first Web community to be completely integrated with iTunes, allowing its members to share and connect with other members. iTunes information can be displayed within blogs, throughout the discussion areas and even when sending personal notes.

“More exclusive features and abilities are being added all the time to further enhance Club and meet the growing needs and demands of its members,” said Holger Ehlis, CEO. “From celebrity chats to virtual beach-parties, Club members can look forward to living and working on the Internet in ways never before thought possible.”