NetFortris, announced that it has expanded the security options for its SD-Wan by NetFortris solution with the addition of Managed Virtual Firewall Service, which is designed to secure organizations with virtualized and private network environments.

In addition to their existing cloud-based firewall services, NetFortris will  now deliver a single-box solution for both SD-WAN and security. They will deploy an edge device at the customer’s premises and will fully manage both SD-WAN and security services from their cloud orchestration.

To deliver the new service, NetFortris leverages Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewalls, which provide intrusion prevention, DNS Security, and anti-malware capabilities.

The VM-Series firewalls also integrate seamlessly with NetFortris’ VMware NSX network virtualization platform to boost NSX security capabilities with dynamic traffic steering, forward error correction and tailored business policies.

Using Palo Alto’s Panorama network security management system, NetFortris engineers can manage an organization’s entire network security from end-to-end, including on-premises infrastructure, virtualized environments and public clouds.

SD-WAN by NetFortris Managed Virtual Firewall is an attractive option for organizations that need to:

  • Secure highly sensitive data
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Limit lateral threat movement
  • Detect and mitigate breaches quicker within trust zones
  • Prevent theft of customer information or intellectual property
  • Exercise more control over their security posture