ViewSonic Corp., announces that its my ViewBoard software platform has become the fastest growing EdTech solution in hybrid learning. Fueled by 136% year-over-year growth and expansion into 75 countries, ViewSonic® is increasing its investments in digital learning, leading the market with innovative new educator-centric and device management features that are leading the transformation for excellence in distance and e-learning.

myViewBoard is a powerful tool for hybrid education that was developed by teachers for teachers. Through an open and agnostic, easy-to-use platform, myViewBoard allows real-time collaboration wirelessly, screen mirroring/sharing, and digital whiteboarding, while supporting a variety of pedagogies with an emphasis on the virtual classroom. myViewBoard tools and features are constantly updated and optimized with feedback from educators to ensure that the software evolves to sustain an effective and engaging learning environment.

“We’re excited to be in a leading position to provide the tools and resources that educators need to adapt to the new hybrid learning model, while helping transform the EdTech sector,” said Jeff Volpe, president of ViewSonic America. “With myViewBoard established as the go-to software for schools, ViewSonic remains committed to innovation in EdTech, offering a wide array of visual engagement solutions that are setting the bar of excellence for digital learning. For our team and partners, it couldn’t be more rewarding to see the reach and impact of myViewBoard, making it easy for educators and students to share ideas, communicate, and learn with consistency and at a high level. We see a bright future for digital learning with myViewBoard at the forefront of hybrid learning, easing the transition to dynamic content creation and sharing with easy access over an open, agnostic, and secure platform.”

myViewBoard Display

myViewBoard Display: a free screen-casting application that simplifies wireless participation in physical or virtual spaces. Users can wirelessly mirror the desktop display to an interactive or wireless display. It is a cloud-based and platform-agnostic app with nothing to install and users can share content from anywhere.

myViewBoard Classroom

ViewSonic expanded its myViewBoard education ecosystem  with the launch of myViewBoard Classroom Software for hybrid learning as part of the company’s distance learning initiative.  myViewBoard Classroom is a hybrid teaching software tool packed with a variety of features to help teachers easily create a classroom environment in the digital space. The integrated hardware and software solution is integral to creating immersive, next-generation e-learning classrooms.

myViewBoard Manager

myViewBoard Manager is a centralized hub to manage and operate the myViewBoard Clips Hybrid Package, myViewBoard Box and a line of ViewBoard Pen Displays as an interactive and portable solution for the classroom or distance learning.

Professional Development Support Team

The ViewSonic education ecosystem includes a dedicated Professional Development [PD] support team that was created and developed by former teachers and administrators. The ViewSonic PD team is available to assist teachers with advice and support with any learning initiatives or integrated service, from IT support to curriculum development, as well as video creation or conferencing for interactive lessons.

Source: ViewSonic