Outlook.com beta, an opt-in web experience where you can try out new product innovations and let us know what you think. Recent advances in programming, design, and artificial intelligence have enabled our engineers and designers to improve the Outlook.com web experience in several areas—and we’re eager to get your feedback. If you enjoy being a part of what’s next, just click the Try the beta toggle, rolling out to all users in the next few weeks. You can test drive our new experience and switch back to the regular web experience any time.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

A faster experience

We’re implementing a more responsive web development framework that delivers an upgraded search feature, a fresher look with a modern conversation style and a new design to let you see, read, and attach files and photos faster.

Image showing the Outlook beta inbox, with the search feature displaying suggested contacts.

A new look with upgraded search that previews files and photos right in your conversation list.

A smarter inbox

Your inbox now shows you Quick Suggestions as you type—so you can easily add information about restaurants, flights, or your favorite teams’ schedules to your conversations. An improved photo experience puts all the pictures sent or received in your email in one place and makes it easier to share them with others. The new modern conversation style makes it easier to manage and preview photos and attachments.

Image showing an email, with the Quick Suggestions feature adding the details of a place to meet for coffee to the email.

Get Quick Suggestions for places as you type, so you can easily add details to your emails.

Better personalization

You can personalize your inbox with your favorite people and folders to make it easier to find the friends, files, and conversations that matter to you and give your communications a personal touch with an easier way to access tons of expressions, including popular emojis and GIFs right inside Outlook.

Image showing an email, with the Expressions pane displayed that allows users to add an Emoji or GIF to their email.

A variety of emojis and GIFs are available to add personality to your messages.

Additional enhancements will be rolled out over the next few months, including updates to Calendar and People. Based on your feedback, we’ll iterate, improve, refine, or discard them. At the end of the beta, we’ll bring the best innovations into Outlook.com.

How do I get started?

Today, we started rolling out the Try the beta toggle. You can access the Outlook.com beta as soon as you see the toggle switch appear on the top right corner of your inbox. If you don’t see it now, you’ll see it in the next few weeks. It’s easy to move between the beta and the regular Outlook.com experience by switching the toggle back and forth.

Image of the Try the beta toggle button and a dialog prompting user to try it now.

Find the Try the beta toggle on the top right of your inbox.