AvePoint, the most advanced platform to optimize SaaS operations and secure collaboration, announced the launch of AvePoint Opus, its AI-powered information lifecycle management solution. As part of the AvePoint Confidence Platform’s Resilience Suite, AvePoint Opus is a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to discover, classify, protect and manage their data across Microsoft 365 accurately and at scale.

AvePoint Opus is a robust information lifecycle management solution that ensures organizations can manage all stages of the data lifecycle and represents the next generation of AvePoint’s Resilience solutions. A key component of AvePoint Opus is AvePoint Maestro, which uses AI models powered by Azure Machine Learning to analyze content and metadata and assign appropriate policies to documents.

AvePoint Opus uses an AI model that rapidly identifies and classifies content in weeks, as opposed to years if done manually. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, for example, has already benefitted from this efficiency.

In addition, by integrating more AI capabilities, AvePoint’s channel partner ecosystem will be equipped with smarter, more automated tools to manage and protect their clients’ data and collaboration environments.

AvePoint has a track record of innovation spanning more than 20 years, aimed at providing solutions that democratize insights and provide recommendations and comprehensive protection for customers and partners. Built upon a robust data management strategy, AvePoint Opus is one of many AI-powered solutions the company plans to introduce.

For more information visit the website https://www.avepoint.com