MySQL AB, developer of the world’s most popular open source database, today announced that a major new version of its database software, version 5.0, is now available. The new release includes the addition of stored procedures as well as other advances designed to enhance the development of large-scale enterprise database applications. The MySQL 5.0 alpha development release is now available for testing and evaluation by the open source community.

“Businesses and government organizations are already saving millions by integrating MySQL as a cost-effective complement to their IT infrastructures,” said Mårten Mickos, MySQL AB CEO. “By supporting an even broader set of industry standard database features, we have extended the range of enterprise applications that can benefit from the performance, reliability and cost reduction that MySQL offers.”

MySQL 5.0 represents a major upgrade to the award-winning database software. Adding to the standard features already available in MySQL, such as full support for transactions and replication, version 5.0 integrates new functionality for powering mission-critical enterprise deployments.

Stored Procedures for Enterprise Applications

MySQL 5.0 adds support for stored procedures, which can facilitate the adoption of MySQL for existing legacy database applications. Stored procedures are SQL (Structured Query Language) statements that are stored in the database in compiled form so that they can be accessed in a standard way across multiple applications. MySQL stored procedures are based on SQL:2003, a common standard for syntax, data structures, and retrieval processes of SQL databases. In addition to better accessibility, stored procedures can improve data integrity and developer productivity.

The stored procedures functionality in MySQL 5.0 also integrates server side cursor support. MySQL cursor support inside stored procedures and functions is now only limited by available memory, which further improves scalability.

MySQL 5.0 also includes new functionality to enhance portability and migration, internationalization and general usability.

“We are pleased to make version 5.0 available to the community, as it addresses strong user demand for stored procedures,” stated Michael (Monty) Widenius, MySQL AB co-founder and CTO. “While it is designed to support more enterprise applications, 5.0 retains the MySQL hallmarks of high performance and stability, so it continues to be ideal for Web sites, packaged applications and other database deployments.”

Community Testing Results in High Quality Software

MySQL 5.0 is the latest MySQL development version, and it is intended for use and evaluation by the MySQL developer community. MySQL AB provides early versions of all its database server software to the community to allow for several months of “battle testing” by the open source community before it deems them ready for production use.

MySQL AB’s process of early use and testing by the open source community contributes to high quality, stable software code. A recent inspection study conducted by Reasoning, Inc. revealed that the code quality of MySQL software was six times better than that of comparable proprietary code, and peer review was cited as key factor in establishing software reliability.

All MySQL releases, including all development releases, are checked with the MySQL benchmarks and an extensive test suite before they are released.

MySQL 5.0 alpha can be downloaded at the MySQL Web site at It is available under the free software/open source GNU General Public License (GPL). Under MySQL AB’s dual licensing business model, all MySQL production version software is available under the GPL license as well as a commercial license.